Why are you angry?

WTF is this? This is a completely anonymous site where you can offload that thing that is completely pissing you off at the moment. There are no usernames, no replies, no edits, no deletions. You simply rail against the universe in 255 characters or less.

You'll feel better, I promise.

Are you really pissed off?

i hate people!!!!!!!!111!!!oneoneone!!!!11!1 (3 years ago)
I can't get the motivation to do what I want to do let alone what I need to do. Fuck this wasteland of bullshit (3 years ago)
I hate having anxiety. I am anxious about being anxious (3 years ago)
The only thing that makes me happy is doing the dishes and they've been sitting there for days (3 years ago)
everything is more expensive for the poor (3 years ago)
Trump support in my extended family (3 years ago)
Oh man do I hate the comment storm on any major media, be it youtube or a media piece. Yes, indeed, the internet really seems to neutralize brains (3 years ago)
Fuck off techbro. You ruined my life and destroyed too many communities. There just ain't enough bullets fuckface (3 years ago)
Giant man hands making it look so easy, fuck off!!! (3 years ago)
I'm irate that the USA is practicing attacking North Korea instead of practicing educating and feeding their citizens (3 years ago)

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