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tell us how you really feel

Adobe! And Republicans! (3 years ago)
ANGRY STUFF! (3 years ago)
People who expect to be treated differently than they treat everyone else really make me angry (3 years ago)
People who have everything handed to them, bills paid by others, never work, yet always gripe about how difficult life is (3 years ago)
Disrespectful assholes thinking it's ok to even begin talking to a woman about sex before getting to know her. It's not "flirting" - it's disgusting (3 years ago)
I hate having to restart shows when *someone* who shall not be named, aka my roommate... TALKS THROUGH THE FIRST FEW MINUTES OF THE SHOW AND I MISS THINGS!!!!! (3 years ago)
When a so called "independent teenager" as she claims, continues to use her mother as a chauffuer instead of using public fucking transportation in order to visit her friend (3 years ago)
is it ok for me to have sex with a 17 yr old panda? (3 years ago)
rip (3 years ago)
I FUCKING HATE MY Brother (3 years ago)

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