Why are you angry?

WTF is this? This is a completely anonymous site where you can offload that thing that is completely pissing you off at the moment. There are no usernames, no replies, no edits, no deletions. You simply rail against the universe in 255 characters or less.

You'll feel better, I promise.

Are you really pissed off?

f u (4 years ago)
People who poop in plastic waste bins and then don't mention it. That's a pain. Especially when it's your X-wife's french boyfriend (4 years ago)
Things in general (4 years ago)
You. You piss me off (4 years ago)
My nipples hurt (4 years ago)
I fell asleep with the stove on and the smell woke me up before the alarm clock went off (4 years ago)
My dog keeps humping her pig!!! (4 years ago)
gripe gripe gripe (4 years ago)

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